EVENT REVIEW & PHOTOS: Easy on the Dijon

Two  weeks ago today we hosted ‘Easy on the Dijon’ and raised £800 for The Mustard Tree, a homelessness charity. Whilst we went easy on the dijon, we didn’t go easy on the acid beats. At all.

To our huge dismay we don’t have any photographic evidence of the spice that opening acts came out with, but the rest of the show is all below, in chronological order. Hugest shouts to our Funraising bois DJ Wasabi aka George Fairs and Mustard Alias aka Toby Ralph (who happens to feature in this Funraising article about bike safety).


Our third act Grey Poupon pon de job. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


Night People spells things weird. We like that. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


DJION delivers a dank acid techno set. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


Dijon transforms Off Beat boi DJ Online Banking into a mere punter. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


We didnt actually tell our DJs to wear mustard, they just did it.
Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


Celine Dijon’s beanie hides his critical bowlcut. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


Celine DiJon got it going on ft. dijon decor courtesy of Annie Law and Harry Davison. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.
Ellis Lewin Turner capturing the essence de Dijon.
An angel in the mustardy midsts.








Love that DJ Im More of a Ketchup Kind of Guy is showing support for Celine DiJon, despite being more of a Ketchup Kind of Guy. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


DJ I’m More of a Ketchup Guy ketches up with the crowd. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media


Colonel Mustard commands you to go ard. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.


Zoom in on the 1s. Photos: Dan Needham, Shffl Media.

The Funraising Team would like to offer its largest condiments to everyone who came down to Dijon and had a dance. A mention to Pomona Designs for our promotional materials, which definitely cut the mustard. Another to Chloe Hatton for previewing the event here with some wonderful words. Yet another big one to Dan Needham for these top top photos. And one more to Elliss Lewin-Turner who’s working on an official EotD video.

On a more personal level, I would like to say thank you very much to everyone in and out of Funraising who helped spread the sauce – especially our new members! Big ups to Beckie. Big ups to Brayanov for working so hard on the visuals, the night wouldn’t have been half what it was without them – and they were nuts. Sending big love to Charlie, Alfie, Jesse, Nirav, and Reiss -not just for DJing, but also for all the ideas, event-advice and support that you all gave us at different stages (- it was definitely necessary!). Thank yous to Gareth Chubb for your top advice and help with promo on Skiddle. Another to Chris Slater of Night People for being so kind and generally great throughout everything. Lastly, a special mention to core team-member Simon Watts for conceiving and co-hosting this with me. As I’m sure you’re aware, without you there would have been no mustard to spread. As I’m even more sure you’re aware, you’re a huge don.

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