MINI INTERVIEW: Pollen8 in follow-up to Fallowfield Day Festival

A couple of weeks back, Pollen8 events hosted Fallowfield Day Festival aka ‘A Day at the Beach’… in the snow… The event sounded like it was a huge success, and it had a mahoosive lineup that not only played all day long, but also into the wee hours. Jenny Knowles spoke to Will of Pollen8 to get a very brief lowdown on the brand.
Jenny: Why did Pollen8 start and who are the main people behind it?
Will: We started Pollen8 as part of our Events Management Degree. For a unit we were tasked with creating and hosting a live event to raise money for a local charity.
J: Why have you chosen to commit to Maggie’s Cancer Care?
W: We chose Maggie’s as we loved their ethos and they were, in our view, the most supportive of the type of events that we wanted to run. 
J: Can you tell me about the lineup for the event? What different genres were there playing on the day?
W: We tried to include as many different types of music as possible (without straying too far from the intended vibe). Me Gusta brought the afrobeat and tropical vibes at the start, Hawwis went into disco, funk and house. Surco played some nice house and tech, High Hoops went into some acid-ey stuff and Metrodome played hip hop, jungle, garage and pretty much everything.
J: And finally, how much money are you hoping/expecting to raise for the charity on the day?
W: We hoped to raise £1250 for charity and we raised £1950 in total!
£1950 is just a huge amount of money and we’re sure it’s going a long way.
Many thanks to Pollen8 for giving us their time, and congrats x

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