Interview: Re-purposing and Raising Awareness about our Environment – Dee Dixon

Issues regarding the world and how we protect our environment have taken the centre stage in recent weeks, and rightly so.

Whether it’s the protests in London or climate activist, and all round inspiration, Greta Thunberg condemning the UK government for their irresponsible behaviour it seems discussions on climate change are finally garnering the attention they should have been granted years ago.

Almost on cue, Foot Therapy’s Love to the World will be launching April 26, to raise proceeds for the Manchester based, Gaskell Garden Project – a social and environmental organisation.

Set to feature a whole host of talent with the likes of Werkha, PERiiSU and Mola Mola to name a few, the night will feature stunning visuals from Manchester based artist Dee Dixon, 26.

Meeting in Chorlton’s Mary and Archie’s under the bank holiday Monday sun, Dee details why she became involved with Foot Therapy.

“We did the [first Love to the World] night at Indigo in Withington. We found that we’re not really cut out for setting up nights for profit and we’re all really passionate about Gaskell [Garden Project] and other causes in Manchester, so we wanted to make a party that supports that. It allows us to experiment and put something on towards something good and have a party with no pressure. The more work I do, the better so no matter what it benefits everyone, and everyone wins.”

Working with both visual and audio elements, Dee’s passion lies in her visual work “I love audio but I wouldn’t say I’m a musician, I’ll do sound design but I would never say I’m gifted… I improvise stuff”

“I basically come up with an idea about how I want the visuals to look. At the minute I really want to use the graphic of the globe, take away all the other stuff away from it and put it into my visuals program and then mess around with some of the effects. I’ll set up a real simple bass but because the event is called ‘Love for the World’ and I’m really into spheres I’ll wrap the visuals around the sphere and the rest is free flow.”

The second in it’s existence, all proceeds collated by Love to the World will go straight to the hands of the Gaskell Garden Project to help them in their mission of gardening together in the tradition of permaculture workshops, selling surplus produce and supporting the welfare of refugees and asylum seekers. Though raising proceeds for such a cause is crucial in the fight to protect the climate, what of the cost of the nights themselves? Can partying be truly sustainable?

“I’m not into an individual’s prerogative or initiative to reduce their carbon footprint it has to come from policies and legislation, regulation as well as changing the way we do things… I’m doing a night for Jargon Neutral which is all about Eco-based stuff, low emissions, climate justice and all that, so my idea is to use analogue visuals by using an LED lamp and reusing VHS film, by ripping it apart and re-purposing it for art.”

“With Love to the World the aim is to actually give direct funding to Gaskell…and then we’re going have this raffle. I’m donating a drawer of wires and I’m going to take that and give it as one of the presents as well as a sewing box. Anyone can just get a screw driver and replace the fuse or take it out and add some fairy lights, or even if you just want the copper wiring someone can take that out and use it. If people stop buying more stuff and just re-purpose and reuse it means you’re not buying additional stuff.”

Foot Therapy presents Love to the World launches this Friday, 26th April, at the Peer Hat from 8pm – 3:30am, to find out more click here.

To see more of Dee’s work you can find her here.

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