INTERVIEW: Micron of Manchester

Funraising has covered a lot of Manchester’s reaction to the incident that affected it in mid-May. Although months have passed since tragedy struck, just as we have willed it to, people have continued to remember and care. Manchester refuses to ignore instances of crisis and continues to respond to it. This Friday, Micron is hosting a night at Joshua Brooks (now renamed Versions) to continue to aid the Manchester Emergency Fund.

Micron spawned in Manchester in 2006 and has been active in the city ever since. A child of the North West, Micron has now been enjoyed all over the UK and Europe. The award-winning events group have always looked after their home-city and have brought Manchester the incredible likes of Heidi and Ben Klock. It only makes sense that they would continue to look after it in the face of tragedy. This Friday they are bringing it Hacienda house legend Jon Da Silva and techno and house pioneer Josh Wink in the name of the Manchester Emergency Fund. Micron DJs Ronny Gill, Bodidily, Kerouac & SMILE, Jack Barton, and Tommaso are led in promotion by Gaz (which I am told is ‘mainly because he can’t deejay’). They had booked Josh Wink prior to the incident that occurred on the 22nd of May. The incident occurred at the MEN Arena and led to the deaths of twenty-three innocent men, women and children. In light of the loss of so many, the brand told me that they felt ‘useless’.

This was before ‘acid house heroes’ Josh Wink and Jon Dasilva helped them get involved in aid of the tragedy. Hearing about the incident, Josh Wink offered to significantly drop his booking fee, and Jon Da Silva volunteered to DJ free of charge. This way, Micron was able to dedicate themselves to the Manchester Emergency Fund and to raise as much money as possible for the friends and families of those affected.

Micron has been active in Manchester for eleven years and has seen its acid house scene evolve. ‘Some of us are born and bred in Manchester and the others moved here for uni (a long time ago now) and a big part of that was for the music scene. We were just too late for the Hacienda so Sankeys Soap was where we spent most of our weekend for a good few years’.It’s safe to say that the brand has close physical and personal ties to the city. Their appreciation and love for their community shine through:

‘When everything happened we knew we had to alter exactly why we were doing the event. The people of Manchester have been incredible since everything happened and we need to show that we’re not scared to live our lives’.

It’s clear that Micron supports and appreciates the city’s resilience in the face of great loss. And they practice what they preach in this very locality. ‘Manchester will always be our home and the home of many of our friends, even if some of us have gone away. We always return to Manchester and party like we have for the last eleven years’.

Micron’s event is tonight at 11 pm at Versions. Tickets are £11, and are available on Skiddle here.

If you can’t make it to the fundraiser, please remember that you can still donate to the Manchester Emergency Fund here.



It’s been a while since the incident, but the suffering of the friends and family of victims continues. If a little more financial support begins to aid those affected in any way, it’s surely worth our time, thought and money.


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