EVENT REVIEW: Cosmic Sloppery in Soup Kitchen

Cosmic Slop is a Leeds-based party with what seems to be a widespread and loving following. I first heard about Cosmic Slop last year from an arty, Leeds-based friend of mine. I can’t remember what was said, but it sounded like a  good time. It wasn’t until my recent interview with Finn Jones from Dig Deep Fundraising that I realised that Cosmic Slop was a charity night. Finn told me that Cosmic Slop is run in order to partially fund MAP Charity aka Music and Arts Production, an organisation in aid of learners aged 11-16 who are unable to access mainstream education. Small classes are offered many creative opportunities and the right amount of support whilst they achieve qualifications in Art and Design, Music and Creative Media alongside Maths and English. Since it’s the people that run MAP that host Cosmic Slop, it is no surprise that they know their tunes. They hosted their Manchester debut on Friday at Soup Kitchen. The night never stopped transforming as the unlisted DJs kept the slop coming.



As me and Funraising visuals-man Aleks came down the stairs of Soup Kitchen, we didn’t know what to expect at all. Cosmic Slop is the name of a Funkadelic album and incidentally, also a song which choruses: ‘Would you like to dance with me and join the cosmic slop’. It is a term as vague as any, but it does imply a welcoming atmosphere. Glowing in simple red lighting, Friday night’s crowd consisted of all ages. I did feel a little bit out of place to start with because this clearly was as the ‘Cosmic Slop – Manchester’ event page rightly states,  a party rather than a club night. Parties are never any sweat if you’re with a group of people, you’re not full of Korma and you don’t feel self-conscious about your age, but unfortunately I was in the inverse position for all of these things (-thank you to the woman on the door who thought to shout ‘first year’ at me, you did not help). Luckily, Cosmic Slop was warm and inclusive, and as the S’Ups rolled in (in lager form, not greeting form) and as I settled into the music, it was easy to relax.


I really wish I could remember the music a little bit better. I think that I recall it going from a dose of jazz or swing to robotic electronic tracks… I’ve maybe got a blurry memory of Drum and Bass?? A bit of Trap?? It definitely got tribal as the night went on. The slop flowed in every direction and it was really good fun to dance to. Whilst the genres were all over the place, I couldn’t name one track, which is almost always a good sign. If I hadn’t been having so much fun I would happily have Shazammed the whole thing.




Soup kitchen had a completely different vibe to it. The crowd was diverse and wonderful, to say the least. At one point a glittery girl with a perfect afro came and asked if I was okay. I replied that was just spaced out, slightly bewildered since I had never seen anyone so magical and disco-ey in my life. Cosmic Slop is the kind of place where you know you’re going to meet new people without having to try, and a nice place to bump into people that you’d met before but never gotten to know.


At the moment, Cosmic Slop is touring the UK because their principal ambition is to raise the funds to buy the building in which MAP charity is based. Looking to secure and preserve the educational organisation, the funds will be used to create some studios, a gallery, a kitchen, and a cafe in order to ‘deepen the rich learning experience’ already offered by MAP.  The intention to help young people join the creative business community is a righteous one. Cosmic Slop is a stellar way to reach it. Whether you’re desperate to help MAP out, or if you just want to experience something different, jump into the slop at the Pickle Factory in London on the 21st of April.


The event page for Cosmic Slop – LDN is right here.

Or, if you’re gunna wait til they kick the party back off up north, find out more about MAP Charity by following this link, or donate to the MAP fund here at



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