EVENT PREVIEW: Oxjam Music Festival Manchester

The Oxjam Music Festival in Manchester celebrates the local music scene in order to raise money and awareness for the outstanding, global work that registered charity Oxfam does to “make poverty history.”

If you’re looking for something fun to do to close the month, on the 29th and 30th of September, Oxjam Music Festival is taking over Northern Quarter in a bunch of venues that you may not have explored yet. This might be the best way to say goodbye to the joys of the festival season and say ‘hello again’ to wintry city-living. It falls on a weekend as well, so that ‘hello’ doesn’t have to be a dark one, because you’ll be able to drink to your heart’s content. I’m not trying to push the limits of your alcohol dependency there, I promise ya. It’s just that Oxjam Music Festival is the ideal excuse to have a jolly one and it’s for a good cause too, so there’s no added guilt.

Most people I know are on a bit of an end-of-summer budget, so it’s lucky that Oxjam Music Festival is reasonably priced. It’s got incredible value for its local music and good vibes, and it’s much better value for money than Warehouse Project, which I just had to force myself to sell a ticket for. Granted I’ve got another one so I’m still a slave to the system, but that money would afford a full weekend ticket for Oxjam, and then at least a tenner on top of that, because pricing is as follows:

Friday Day tickets are £5.50, a Saturday Day ticket is £8.80 and a full weekend ticket is £11.

Get your tickets here, and for more details head to the Facebook event page here.

And if your weekend’s all booked up, don’t worry ‘cos you can still help Oxjam Music Festival make a difference by donating to their everydayhero page here. All proceeds go to Oxfam, and you’ll be bolstering the reach and reputation of a very good thing.

Oxjam Music Festival supports local, underground musicians while working to alleviate poverty and bring people together- not sure what kind of Grinch this doesn’t appeal to. We need more events like Oxjam Music Festival, and more brands like them too. I’d add that we need it in more genres, and we need it now. This kind of thing ought to be going in every scene. I’m talking tech-house, hip-hop, drum and bass, ragga tech, and yes, even gabba. I honestly see no real reason why it’s not happening above the underground yet.

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