EVENT PREVIEW: Funraising Presents Easy on the Dijon


‘Lying Hillary said this wasn’t the best acid house night she’d ever been to. Fake News! Sad.’- Donnie T ★★★★★

‘The only thing more beautiful than this night is you’- James Blunt ★★★★★

‘Two roads diverged in the wood and I- I took the one that lead to Easy on the Dijon. And I had a bloody good time’- Robert Frost ★★★★★


Sad about Antwerp closing? Deansgate Locks not really cutting the mustard? Feeling that vague existential dread as revision approaches? Never fear, we’re bringing you the spiciest event you’ll go to all year. And that’s a promise. Yes, after our successes with ArtBox and PostBox, Funraising is bringing you a whole new night that’ll keep you chattering till the ripe old age of eighty when you’re sitting in your rocking chair. Basically, you do not wanna miss this one.

On the Thursday 22nd of March, we’re taking over the brand new Night People on Princess Street to bring you Easy on the Dijon, an acid house night that is gonna get your feet dancing and your taste buds tingli


ng. We’re gonna give you some of Manchester’s finest DJs- all of whom are seasoned veterans and well used to putting on a show. We’ve got a massive range of acid house -and everything in between. There’s gonna be something for everyone, and absolutely no excuse for not bringing your mates along to ketchup with us.


As usual, we’re not just here for a good time but also to try and do some good, and so all proceeds will be going to the amazing Mustard Tree, a Manchester based charity that’s combatting poverty and homelessness in the Greater Manchester area. Come help us help them and spread the love (and mustard).

Coming all the way from Briztol is DJION, aka Aardvark Wellington of Often Pompen HQ, and who has brought his mateys, the highly successful OffMeNut Records to Manchester. He’s also played Boomtown and ran the neon forest stage at NASS, so you know he’s gonna make this yuuuge. A spanner of many genres himself, DJION claims that he’s lover of all-round genre-cracking genius Luke Vibert‘s acid so his slot’ll definitely be one to look forward to. 

We’ve also got Colonel Mustard. Raised on his dad’s Hacienda records, Reiss Johnson is a resident DJ at the Fair Play record fair. He’s bringing his nostalgic love of vinyl and Manchester history to EOTD. The Colonel is keeping his tracks early, and will be slamming you with Chicago based house, allowing the opportunity to slip a couple of non-acid tracks into the mix. Working with his 

vinyls, he’s gonna be playing us such a smooth mix of up-tempo acid that you’ll have no trouble getting any mustard out of the jar. 

We’re also bringing back our fave resident, Celine DiJon aka Jesse Hazlewood. You Funraising aficionados might experience diJon vue and remember him from our last two PostBoxes and ArtBox. Although it’s a struggle without his zimmer frame, you’ll also recognise him from Grandma’s Tea Party where he’s always making the crowd go wild (but not wild enough to dislocate those hips). When we asked him what he’s playing he said ‘anything with the word ‘acid’ in the title’.

We reckon he was joking, but we know for a fact that you can expect a solid time.

You’re also in for a treat ’cause we’ve got some top quality visuals coming for ya, after all, this is acid house. Bringing his skills all the way from Bulgaria is Aleksander Brayanov, and boy has he got some cool stuff in the works. We’ve also got a dedicated team on EOTD decor so look forward to that. (S/o to Harry Davison, Annie Law and Matt Langford for offering their expertise).



Previews on the rest of our DJs soon 2 come so keep your eyes on our socials… and, you’ll be seeing more of Celine DiJon very soon… A lot more…

If all of this has piqued your interest, get your names down here – we’re doing £4 entry for the first 150 people on the wall. Or, pick em up from Skiddle here (with a reduced booking fee leaving more dolla for your drinks) and head on down to Night People on the 22nd. If you want to know more about Mustard Tree and all the fab work they do to combat poverty, check out our interview with Rachel from Mustard Tree.

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