Announcement: Funraising Takes on a Documentary

The team at Funraising likes to put their words into action; it’s what drives us as an organisation.

Having an ongoing, yearly project keeps things varied, opening our minds to the lives of others who make up the Northern powerhouse that is Manchester. Ultimately, it supports our message and praises and highlights social consciousness.

It’s why we’ve had so many great projects such as ‘Easy on the Dijon’ and our annual art auction ‘ArtBox’.

Without further ado, we’re proud to announce our next endeavour, a documentary that will explore the inclusive nature of Manchester’s underground nightlife.

We will be following a variety of emerging workshops and collectives that create spaces for people to expand their skills, support social groups and DJs, and welcome participation in a community that parties. These include the all-female DJ collective ‘Not Bad for a Girl‘, and open DJ workshop ‘Interventions’.

Filming ‘Not Bad for a Girl’s debut at Indigo

The documentary is looking to showcase the people who are encouraging inclusion in Manchester’s underground events scene.

“We’re making this documentary because gender isn’t represented well enough in the music industry and there isn’t adequate attention given to those who are trying to change that. We know that those people are bold, inspirational, and light-hearted and that they understand that their voice is where their value lies, rather than in their ability to profit .”

By showcasing these hardworking individuals and collectives we hope to remind viewers that this logic is applicable to everyone, and to inspire them to their own personal freedom.

We want people of all genders to understand that they are free to go out there and break some boundaries.”

Sophie Billington– Founder of Funraising

Help us do our bit in promoting an open culture where people feel inspired to reach their full potential!

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