About Us

The Funraising Story: Bridging the Gap

A note from our founder, Sophie Billington

Funraising’s focus is on bridging the gap between creativity and charity.


brɪdʒ/ verb / gerund or present participle: bridging

  1. be or make a bridge over (something).
    “a covered walkway bridged the gardens”
    synonyms: spancross, cross over, go over, pass over, extend across, reach across, traverse, arch over

    “a covered walkway bridged the motorway”
    • make (a difference between two groups) smaller or less significant.
      “new initiatives were needed to bridge the great abyss of class”
      synonyms: joinlinkconnectunite;
      antonyms: divideseparate

Welcome to Funraising. This is an up-and-coming platform project that is unlike any other. You might be here because we’ve recently been featured on the Manchester edition of Eventbrite’s documentary, ‘Generation DIY’. On one hand, we provide unbelievably good craic with some unbelievably good events. We’ve raised over £2000 for causes with just three events in our debut year. You might have heard of ArtBox, a not-so-silent art auction in aid of the mental health charity, Manchester Mind, PostBox, our soulful session for the Bhopal Medical Appeal or Easy on the Dijon, an acid house night for The Mustard Tree homelessness charity. 

On the other hand, is the blog that you’ll find on this website. On our blog, we write about socially-focused activity, we write about music events, art, photography, and most importantly, the people behind it all. On our blog, we only share stories and events that engage with the issues that media largely ignores or barely begins to tap into – mental health, the environment, real people, that kind of lark. There are no media platforms out there that touch on what we do in an honest, casual voice like ur talking to ur mates. 

So why do we work so well as a platform? That’ll be because there’s a strong bridge between the online and real-time experience that we offer. A bridge between what we do, and what we talk about. In other words, our events inspire our blog, and our blog inspires our events. We got ArtBox on the go and met Pomona Designs aka Will Da Costa in the winter of 2017, for instance, learning of his insights on mental health and masculinity. More recently we had a chat with third world photographer Ryan Ashcroft and that inspired PostBox: Special Delivery, our soulful jazz and hip hop night that featured Ryan’s work in live visual mapping work.

Funraising works to bridge the gap between creativity and charity. Come have a pint with us on the bridge, we’ll show you a good time.

Our intentions and beliefs

Our intentions in this platform are three-fold:

To build bridges between people and their communities: We hope to spread the word about organisations, activities, and events that are worth your time and tuppence.

To build a bridge between one’s mind and one’s metaphorical hands: We aim to inspire people to take social responsibility into their own hands.

To build bridges between people: we aim to connect and create a network of talented and amazing people that actually give a monkey’s.

We’ve got a world full of talent. Everyone’s out there trying to find their way through the 21st century. No-one’s found it easy, and everyone’s super busy. Amongst you wandering wastrels are aspiring DJs, singers, journalists, writers, musicians, cooks, you name it. We’re hoping to encourage the pursuit of talent, and the spread of kindness at the same time. And most importantly, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s our promise that we’ll never get too preachy!

We believe in creativity, quality, and community, and Funraising is a quality creative community.