About Us

The Funraising Story: A note from platform head, Sophie Billington

‘Welcome to Funraising. This is a new project that aims to share stories and events from the field of fundraising with you in a creative and interesting way. I think it’s important, to begin with my own story, and to basically tell you why I’ve made Funraising.

As a student in Manchester, over the last few years, I’ve met countless numbers of young people who have done some simply amazing things for good causes. These people have, pretty much, put me to shame and I’ve come to realise that for all my care, I’m all talk and no action. I’ve found myself thinking, ‘What can I do to get involved?’. As a result, this very morning I got in that all-important thinking space that some might label a ‘shower’, and I started thinking about my interests and what I’m good at. The former involves meeting people, going to gigs and events, travelling, the media, and listening to stories. And what am I good at? To put it frankly, I’m rather good at chatting absolute shite. Naturally, I decided to collate my interests and ‘talents’, set it against the goal of creating some change, and eventually came up with this blog.’

This^ is extracted from the first ever Funraising post that was made on funraising.tumblr.com.

A couple of months on, Funraising has gained some momentum. It’s now a platform and it’s no longer ‘I’, but a ‘we’! We now have a team of mateys putting on charity events and a network of journalists producing top quality content. Not only are we finding it amazing to see Funraising grow from day to day, but we’re starting to make a tangible difference in the world, which is all I(? we?) ever wanted. 🙂

I hope that this finds you kindly and that you enjoy our content while you’re here.

Best wishes and a lot of love,

Sophie xxx

Our intentions and beliefs

Our intentions in this platform are three-fold:

Firstly, we hope to spread the word about organisations, activities, and events that are worth your time and tuppence.

Secondly, we aim to inspire people to take fundraising matters into your own hands.

Thirdly, we aim to connect talented and amazing people to one another, so that they can create something special, and make a difference together.

– We’ve got a world full of talent. Everyone’s out there trying to find their way through the 21st century. No-one’s found it easy, and everyone’s super busy. Amongst you wandering wastrels are aspiring DJs, singers, journalists, writers, musicians, cooks, you name it. We’re hoping to encourage the pursuit of talent, and the spread of love at the same time. And most importantly, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s our promise that we’ll never get too preachy!

We believe in creativity, quality, and community. Sesame Street can eat it.